Saturday, July 24, 2010

Good things, bad things

Well like I said: "All well, ends well". It stopped before it even began. It can't be helped...But luckily things now are better in a sense, we get to talk and play around unlike in the past where there seems to be some sort of a pressure barrier.

Most people will remember me putting my nick on MSN that everything will change when I shave my hair. Yes, it did change as a matter of fact. Even before I shaved. came back just when I thought everything was okay. Call me loser, call me liar, call me whatever you want, it just can't be helped. It was just too sudden. I just need more time to sort it out properly.

Anger, frustration, disappointment and questions. There is so many things that I want to ask you and tell you. So many things you had said and did not said. So many things other people said. But I am afraid that it will just make everything go bad. People get affected and I don't want that cause it shouldn't be that way. Its between the two of us.

All in all, please don't worry about me =D

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


June had been the most happiest month so far in my life. And that is just because of 3 days, 3 specifically special days that I got to spend with someone important. It is surprising how just in a few days, I am able to get so affected by someone who I just knew.

I am not sure about what happened or if anything did happened, I feel really distant all of a sudden. I feel very conflicted with many thoughts coming to my mind. Many things you said affected me in a way but perhaps you don't know, but it's ok cause I feel that I am being selfish or just thinking too much. I really hope that things can go back to the way we are before we talked. You might say I am thinking too much, but perhaps you are doing it too. Yes, no? Well, think about it.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Hello all! I have finally gotten my enlistment letter! And the date for enlistment is 29th July 2010, 8.45am at BMTC School 2 at Pulau Tekong!

Crap after all the stories I heard about Tekong! Please pray for my safety! And my other friends too! =D Hope everyone will be alright! Excited to see which unit I will be posted to! Hopefully its something I like =)

Anyway to continue on the previous post, I got to know someone I wanted to know better through these few weeks/months, hopefully I will get to know her even more! Go kite flying, go picnic or just taking the train or bus is ok with me! So yeah, thanks for being so open towards someone you don't even know! All the best for your exams! =D

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Lots of stuff have happened and I am very happy they did! I look forward for the first outing! More details next time! Haha

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Many things had happened over this few weeks. Relationship, friendship, studies, traveling...Whatever shit u can think of has happened. Some of these stuff just happen suddenly and brought about alot of confusion. Others gradually piled up over time and just exploded.

Most of the time I feel helpless...Many of the things that happened, I do not have experience handling them, friends with problems I cannot give good advice without having experience them myself. Yes, listening and doing is up to them but it just does not feel right.

I'm disappointed in myself to forget that particular someone so easily. I remembered what I did, but I just cannot remember how you look like. So is this the so called feelings I had for you? Something that just died so easily after some time? Or when someone else just seem to come in?

Whatever man, this is so screwed up

Friday, November 27, 2009


Kris said something sad but true today which brings me to say something I said to Zi Zhao on Thursday. What did Kris and I said is something that I will leave to Kris and Zi Zhao to say if they want to say, cause I do not want to say it again or hear it being said. With this being said I shall end this post that has lots of says and said.

Friday, November 20, 2009


I realised that every day that have Aikido trainings, I wont be able to sleep at night...Too hyper? Or was it the Ice Milk Tea that I like to drink during dinner? Hmmmm....

Anyway today went back home to sleep first then proceed to take 8 to school for the Fitness Star Program. And guess who I saw? Someone from the girls school at Kelvin house who looks just like Geraldine! Complete with the sharp face and yes, there is a mole on her left cheek...! And she is like sitting right in front of me in the bus, facing me! Zzzzz

FSP today was pretty slack, learn more of the correct running style from the instructor and after that we played Handball! I volunteered to be keeper again and got a clean sheet for all 4 matches we played straight. Hohoho! Not bad eh! But credits go to the team for defending and attacking well! Haha!